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July 2012 USA Laura Plantation Vacherie, Louisiana, Bourbon Street (photos), Swamps (photos)

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Boee Brilliant Villas Hill, Jinshitan, Dalian China

Another, the third, large apartment building project in the Golden Pebble Beach area to be started in the past couple of years. The other two, Yosemite Development (see and huge development with hundreds maybe even a thousand homes is empty and Chateau De Bourdeux is still being built.
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2012 Dalian Video Clips

# 43 bus youtube video; youtube video
Ferry from Yantai to Dalian; youtube video
Baishiwan Bathing Beach >Kaifaqu,
Jinshitan Kelp
Labor Park,
Kaifaqu shoe repair

Asian Yosemite Dalian Development Area
Chairman Mao Badge Museum
Xiaoyaowan International Business District
 (China's new city),
China's Buried Villages,
Climbing the hill,
Kaifaqu page,
Ocean Park,
Dragon Dance,
Dalian Wedding
Chateau De Bourdeux
Blueberry Farm
Chinese New Years' (Beijing)
Jinshitan Lookout,
Olympic Park,
Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2012

EARCOS Teachers' Conference 2012 March 28-31 Bangkok Thailand

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