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July 2012 USA Laura Plantation Vacherie, Louisiana, Bourbon Street (photos), Swamps (photos)

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Ferry from Yantai to Dalian

Ferry from Yantai to Dalian. Yantai is a coastal city on the Bohai Sea in Shandong province and one way to Dalian is taking the seven hour - advertised as six but it took seven hours - ferry. It is quite basic. Not finding anything on Google or Youtube that would tell us about it we chose the 8 berth room - they also have six and state rooms. I was able to use the electricity to use my computer and the room full of Chinese were fine except for some loud snoring. Walking around the ferry is good. Well worth the ride taking the day trip. We left at 9 AM and got to Dalian at 4 PM. The 8 berth was 210 Yuan about $35 US. We got a taxi for 7 yuna - a bit more than a US buck from our hotel, The Golden Gulf Hotel. In Dalian it was chaos and impossible to get a taxi to figure out what we wanted so we hoped the first bus which eventually got us to the light rail which we took home.

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2012 Dalian Video Clips

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Ferry from Yantai to Dalian; youtube video
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