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February 19, 2012   Dalian to build tourism port in China's Bohai Bay
Dalian Jinshi International Tourist Holiday Resort, the largest cultural tourism investment project in China
Lanbowan Project  sports centre
20th of September, Dalian Travel & Tourism Bureau and Haichang Delegation Presented “2012 China Dalian International Wine & Dine Festival” in Paris
September 03 Golden Pebble Beach Grape Valley vineyards
August Another Two Projects of “Oriental Yosemite” Started
July 28 Ambow Announces Launch of Cisco and Apple Training Facilities on Dalian Career Enhancement Campus
July 24 China to Wall Street: The Side-Door Shuffle
July 20 China returns harbor seals to the wild
July 9, 2011 HiSoft Acquires U.S.-based IT Consulting Firm, Nouveon Technology Partners, Inc.
July 7 Top software fair in China in Dalian
July 6 Dalian Airlines  Air China Gets Approval To Set Up Dalian Airlines
July 5 2011 Dalian port expands to take Valemaxes
July 3, 2011 Dalian Wanda back to Chinese soccer
June 2011 "Varyag", China's first aircraft carrier  in Port Dalian (more) (July 7 sea trials)


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